Commit 06c1dd20 authored by Gaëtan Cassiers's avatar Gaëtan Cassiers
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Update benchs & tests

parent 83b6dd28
......@@ -3,6 +3,9 @@ clyde 32bit haswell
clyde 32bit skylake-avx512
clyde 64bit haswell
clyde 64bit skylake-avx512
shadow 32bit x86-64
shadow 32bit haswell
shadow 32bit skylake-avx512
shadow 128bit x86-64
shadow 128bit haswell
shadow 128bit skylake-avx512
clyde 32bit shadow 32bit x86-64
clyde 32bit shadow 32bit haswell
clyde 32bit shadow 32bit skylake-avx512
clyde 64bit shadow 32bit haswell
clyde 64bit shadow 32bit skylake-avx512
clyde 32bit shadow 128bit x86-64
clyde 32bit shadow 128bit haswell
clyde 32bit shadow 128bit skylake-avx512
clyde 64bit shadow 128bit haswell
clyde 64bit shadow 128bit skylake-avx512
clyde 32bit shadow 256bit haswell
clyde 32bit shadow 256bit skylake-avx512
clyde 64bit shadow 256bit haswell
clyde 64bit shadow 256bit skylake-avx512
clyde 32bit shadow 512bit skylake-avx512
clyde 64bit shadow 512bit skylake-avx512
......@@ -49,7 +49,13 @@ max_throughput_table = [
[str(min(results.get((implem, arch), dict()).values(), default=' ')) for arch in archs]
for implem in implems]
def throughput_bytes(n):
return [[str(results.get((implem, arch), dict()).get(n, ' ')) for arch in archs] for implem in implems]
'max throughput (cycles/byte):\n\n',
render_markdown_table(archs, implems, max_throughput_table), '\n'
print('throughput (cycles/byte) for n={} bytes:\n\n'.format(n), render_markdown_table(archs, implems, throughput_bytes(n)))
......@@ -35,12 +35,23 @@ test_build_spook 1 0 410c79bf206274bf6145103d1e87c20e17d258cd77c550fd0d33ef30a97
test_build_spook 1 1 53d431a078490a709767c0089614fcda87218f11e97ab565d2e84f25bbfcd9cc
test_build_spook 0 0 c744322005f6d6df1846bc4baa4033047856d8183f502a65604711dd25e87b8c
test_build_spook 1 0 410c79bf206274bf6145103d1e87c20e17d258cd77c550fd0d33ef30a971c460
for ctype in 32bit 64bit
for stype in 32bit 128bit 256bit 512bit
export CLYDE_TYPE=clyde_$ctype;
for stype in 32bit 128bit
export CLYDE_TYPE=clyde_$ctype;
export SHADOW_TYPE=shadow_$stype;
for stype in 256bit 512bit
export SHADOW_TYPE=shadow_$stype;
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