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......@@ -199,7 +199,7 @@ The expected outputted commands flows for each instruction are shown in the next
<div align="center">
![General Spook Framework](/figures/spook_HW_framework.jpg)
![General Spook Framework](spook_msk/schematics/spook_HW_framework.jpg)
......@@ -220,35 +220,7 @@ It also compute the `data_validity` of each raw data command which is simply a v
It receives the digested data, encode these according to the API and outputs these.
+ **Datapath**: This module contains all the circuitry related to the computation required to perform a call of Spook.
More particularly, it is composed by raw data holders (e.g., for the long term key), routing
logic (i.e., muxes) and the logic for the primitives Shadow and Clyde.
The protected and unprotected implementations mainly differ by the way the datapath is implemented.
We present next the architecctures tor the both flavours.
## Spook Unprotected Architecture (outdated, need to be updated with v2)
Here is described the architecture of the datapth for the unprotected Spook HW core. The latter is
optimized in order to reduce the logic cost of both Shadow and Clyde primitives while keeping
high performances.
<div align="center">
![General Spook Framework](/figures/SpookOpti.jpg)
For this purpose, the Shadow's Round A and Round B are perfomed in multiple clock cycle
by operating over 128 parts of the state. The Round A logic is re-used to compute the round function
of Clyde. In this configuration, the practical cost of Clyde boils down to the logic required to compute
the tweakey. The tag verification mechanism computes the expected tag value (as for an encryption process) and
compare its value with the tag candidate received (which is hold in a specific raw data holder).
A more detailed explanation can be found in the TOSC paper.
While the provided code implements the architecture described above, it offers the possiblity to easily modify the
serialisation level of the Shadow's Round B. This is done by modifying the generation parameter
`PDRB` in the [datapath](/Spook_CustomApi/hdl/mode_hdl/datapath.v) file. More info about the
impact of this parameter can be found in the [primitive core](/Spook_CustomApi/hdl/prim_hdl/prim_core_1R_UMSK_opt_dp.v) file.
logic (i.e., muxes) and the logic for the primitives Shadow and Clyde.
## Spook Protected Architecture
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