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# **Spook Hardware Implementations**
This repository contains all the file relative to the protected HW implementations of [Spook]( used for
This repository contains all the files relative to the protected HW implementations of [Spook]( used for
the Hardware Capture the Flag. A practical implementation was done on
a [sakura_g board]( to generate the traces
datasets (currently avaiable on the [Spook website](
a [sakura_g board]( which was used to generate the
datasets (currently available on the [Spook website](
The HW core follows an custom API broadly based
The HW core follows a custom API broadly based
on the [LWC HW API]( proposed in the context of the
LWC NIST competition. We provide a python library that generates from an high level the data that
should be sent to the core in order to perform different operations (e.g., load the key, encryption, ...).
The latter is used to generate the simulations testvectors as well as the practical data use to take the measurements.
The latter is used to generate the testvectors used in simulatations as well as the actual FPGA implementation.
_Note: no security claims comes with this code. It is a straight foward implementation of state-of-the
art software masking scheme which security depends on various factors such masking order, independence
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ The repository contains the following directories:
- [hdl](spook_msk/hdl): HDL files of the implementation.
- [schematics](spook_msk/schematics): useful schematics of the architecure.
- [simu](spook_msk/simu): script and workspace for the simulations.
- [tb](spook_msk/tb): directory conatining the HW testbenches.
- [tb](spook_msk/tb): directory containing the HW testbenches.
+ [spook_hw_api](spook_hw_api): scripts to format data according to the HW API (see below)
## Software dependencies
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